Invitation to apply for research ethics training at Harvard

By | June 4, 2018

Invitation to apply for research ethics training at Harvard

Over the past few years, Rwanda has made great strides in strengthening its healthcare system. Rwanda seeks to expand and strengthen its capacity to conduct research in medicine and public health, including research involving human subjects. Health research proposals that involve human subjects need to be approved by an ethics review committee (ERC) that ensures that subjects will be treated fairly and that, if necessary, works with investigators to modify the proposals to meet exacting ethical standards.


The work of ERC members requires specialized training. Harvard University faculty invite qualified Rwandans to apply for a Fellowship in research ethics, toward potential future contribution to an ERC, such as the Rwanda National Ethics Committee (RNEC).

Those selected for the fellowship will be eligible for: an intensive training course to be offered beginning in August 2018. The initial phase of the course will involve online education and participation in a short course in Rwanda. The fellows will then travel to Boston, Massachusetts during the week of October 15, 2018, for more intensive training.

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