Catholic University of Kabgayi Faculty of Social, Economic Sciences & Management (SESM)

Catholic University of Kabgayi Faculty of Social, Economic Sciences & Management (SESM)


The Faculty of Social, Economic Sciences and Management, SESM in short, is one of the three faculties of the Catholic Institute of Kabgayi (ICK), which was founded by Kabgayi diocese on 21st October, 2002.

Thus, the Faculty of SESM responds to the vision of the ICK which is “to take part in the effort of developing the country” namely Rwanda, whose socio-economic situation in the aftermath period of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis was very critical. In addition, all its activities are inspired by the institute’s motto stated as follows: “Science – Conscience – Development”.


The Faculty runs its programs through 3 Departments: the department of Sociology, the department of Management and the department of Economics. The teaching programs are organized in 3 sections: Day, Evening and Week-end sections. The training methods are active and participative within the framework of the modular system, English being the medium of instruction.

*Department of Sociology (Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Sociology)

Objectives: – To provide students with tools that allow them to apply a scientific approach to groups and institutions surrounding them, and in addition, to link this scientific approach to a humanistic understanding of contemporary social problems; To prepare students for careers of studies as regards social policies, various social work and community life.

*Department of Management (Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Management)

Objectives: -To involve students in management practices of business, expertise, consultancy and entrepreneurship; -To provide the students with the required knowledge to analyze problems affecting a company or a community and to contribute to their resolution in order to establish and implement the methods of decision-making and projects development.

*Department of Economics (Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Economics)

Objectives: -To provide professional knowledge and skills in economics; -To build up the ability of analyzing economic environment ; -To develop the entrepreneurship spirit ; -To enhance competitiveness knowledge and skills into the world of business.