Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda (CMUR) Jobs

By | August 2, 2017

Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda (CMUR) Jobs

Job Placement

For Employers

As one of the premier institutions in technology and engineering in the world, Carnegie Mellon University Africa is proud to produce some of the best and brightest minds in Africa. We are happy to provide employers with recruitment opportunities to fill their growing human resource needs.

As part of the job placement function, we provide the following services to employers:

  • Host Career Fairs
  • Facilitate onsite company information sessions
  • Facilitate onsite interviews
  • Facilitate virtual interviews using our Cisco Telepresence System
  • Connect employers directly to students with specific skills sets
  • Inform our studnets and alumni about job opportunities offered by industry employers
Thank you for your interest in Carnegie Mellon University and its graduates, for more information, or a one-on-one consultation, please contact Head of Career Services, Marie-Ange Rukundo.