African Leadership University(ALU) Financial Aid

By | December 15, 2017

African Leadership University(ALU) Financial Aid

We seek to make ALU’s world-class educational experience accessible to all students who receive admission and offer innovative financial assistance options to ensure that finances are not a barrier for high potential students to attend ALU.

When you apply for financial assistance you will provide us with information that will help us to determine how much you are able to contribute to your education and how much support you will need from us. Each family will be assessed based on their individual, demonstrated need.

The ALU admissions process is need-blind which means that your financial situation does not affect our admissions decisions.

Income Share Agreement

The majority of financial assistance awarded will be in the form of the Income Share Agreement (ISA), an innovative tuition financing model that will make tertiary education accessible to thousands of students across Africa. The ISA awards funds to allow a student to attend ALU and in exchange the student pays back a percentage of their income earned for set period of time after graduation.

Once admitted to ALU, you will have the opportunity to apply for financial assistance. Detailed instructions will be available on the Admitted Students Portal.

To apply you will require the following:

  • Complete the online application form: In this form, you will provide us with information about your family’s income, expenses, assets, etc.
  • The following supporting documents of the main income earner in the family are required:
    • A copy of his/her identification document (such as ID card, passport, or driver’s license)
    • A copy of any employment contracts including wage/salary details OR three latest payslips (where applicable)
    • A copy of his/her bank statement(s) for the last three months (where applicable)
    • A copy of his/her most recent tax certificate/return
  • Upload the last two school fees invoices for applicant (please mark these payments in bank statements if invoices are not available)

All of the information submitted by you will be reviewed, we will determine your demonstrated need and then we will notify you of your award. We aim to notify you of your award within 7 working days after you submit your aid application.

No appeals policy

ALU has a no appeals policy. Award decisions are final. Students may re-apply for financial assistance only if they can demonstrate that their financial circumstances have substantially changed.

Financial Aid Application Timelines

We have multiple financial assistance application deadlines to suit you.

Application deadline Notification of financial
assistance decision
Round 1 23 February 2018 Within a week of submission
Round 2 25 May 2018 Within a week of submission
Round 3  15 June 2018 Within a week of submission
Round 4  27 July 2018 Within a week of submission