African Leadership University(ALU) Admitted Students

By | December 15, 2017

African Leadership University(ALU) Admitted Students

If you have been accepted to ALU then well done and congratulations. We’re so glad you made it. Here is a list of things you need to do to prepare for the journey ahead. You will receive more detailed information for each of these steps on the Admitted Student portal.

Undergraduate Admissions

Join the Admitted Students Portal

In your acceptance email you will receive a link to register on a student portal where you will receive detailed information, updates and be introduced to your new classmates.

Pay your acceptance deposit

To confirm your seat at ALU you must accept our admission offer by paying a non-refundable deposit of $250. You must also accept or decline the offer by clicking on the relevant link in your student portal.

Apply for a passport

Your passport is essential – you cannot apply for a visa or study permit without it. We encourage students to apply for a passport even before they have received their admissions offer to avoid any delays.

Visa application process

The process to apply for a visa or study permit will vary depending on which campus you are attending. You will receive more information about the process on the student portal. Most processes will require a passport valid for the period of study, passport photos and an application form.

Update your details

Make sure we have all your personal and contact details including those of your parents/guardians.

Apply for Health Insurance

ALU encourages its admitted students to make use of its health insurance policy to ensure that they receive optimal cover for the duration of their time with us.

Complete required forms

You will be prompted through your student portal to fill in a few forms such as a housing form, wellness form, immigration form, etc. Make sure you complete them all by the deadlines provided.

Make your first tuition payment

Soon after you have enrolled your will receive your first invoice. Your first payment will be due before you arrive on campus – make sure you follow the relevant instructions closely.

Book your flight and get packing

Once you have ticked all the boxes on the checklist you can book your flight, start packing your bags and preparing to say farewell to your family and friends for a little while.