African Leadership University(ALU) Admission Requirements

By | August 9, 2017

African Leadership University(ALU) Admission Requirements

Students who meet the following criteria have guaranteed eligibility to ALU:

  • Passed a final national secondary school exam and graduated from secondary school
  • Passed at least grade 10 level Math or equivalent
  • Passed at least two A levels subjects or equivalent

* Applicants who do not have two A levels or an equivalent qualification, but who may have equivalent tertiary education and/or work experience will be considered for admission. These will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Admissions teams at ALU and at our academic partner institution, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). GCU offers bridging programme options for students who do not meet these entry criteria. You will be notified of your eligibility when you receive your admissions offer.

Please note: sufficient proficiency in the English language is required for students to fully participate in all academic and non-academic activities at ALU. If you do not have sufficient proficiency in English you will be required to participate in the English Immersion Programme before starting official classes at ALU. Please click here for more information about the English Immersion Programme.

Eligibility for ALC Mauritius Degree Programmes

The following high school subjects are required for the following GCU degree programmes offered at ALC Mauritius:

  • BEng/MEng Electrical Power Systems Engineering: A Level (or equivalent) in Math and Physics and/or Chemistry
  • BSc (Hon) Computing Science: A Level (or equivalent) in Math